Gene Therapy

DNARx is creating a range of new gene-based therapeutics with HEDGES – the proprietary platform that avoids viral delivery and achieves:

  • Durable expression
  • Multiple-gene expression
  • Repeat dosing
  • Dosing titration
  • Large gene constructs
  • Increased safety including lack of DNA integration or induction of adaptive immune responses

Company Vision

Correcting gene defects has the potential to prevent, treat or potentially cure devastating diseases such as cancer, genetic disorders, hemophilia, neurological diseases, and infectious pandemic diseases such as influenza.

The understanding of genetic modifications has drastically improved the abilities of the tools to safely alter genes in people. DNARx endeavors to provide the safest and most effective tools to deliver gene therapy to patients in need.


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Our Science

HEDGES, DNARx’s proprietary, nonviral DNA-based gene therapy system, enables durable expression, repeat dosing, increased safety and large DNA constructs that can express many different genes which is required to treat fatal diseases such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and pandemic diseases.

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DNARx is developing therapeutics for flu, hemophilia, hematology, oncology, as well as additional indications.

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Our core team has hundreds of collective years of experience in drug development, molecular biology, gene therapy, preclinical development, immunology, infectious disease research and medical care.

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What is HEDGES?

HEDGES stands for High-level Extended Duration Gene Expression System. HEDGES is our solution to common fatal diseases including genetic diseases and pandemic infections.

  • Multi-component, DNA-based platform
    DNA vector
    DNA carrier
    Vector-carrier interactions
    Targeted immune modulators
  • Different versions of HEDGES can maximize different attributes (e.g., duration of gene expression, number of genes expressed)
  • Currently delivered IV; potential for other routes of administration